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    1995 waverunner 500 help

    I recently acquired a 95 waverunner 500 with a nice trailer for what I felt was a good deal. The thing has a new top-end and I heard it run and checked the compression on it before I spent any money on it. 145 psi on both cylinders. I took it out and it seems to be a real dog. Wont get up on plane, no real difference between 1/2-full throttle, and will accelerate rather slowly. Turns out I found that plate before the impeller intake had a hole in it, and 2 of the bolts were missing and filled full of silicon. I got about 10 gallons in the thing in less than an hour (which could explain poor performance!!!). What is that plate called? Mine is currently a DG, so I'm assuming aftermarket.

    Also, what should be a good baseline setting for the 2 mixture screws? I see there is one on the front and one lower on the back side. It starts a bit hard on choke, have to crack the throttle or it will flood. Once it starts it runs well, but it doenst idle sometimes, and it doesnt seems to rev up quickly when you hit the throttle.

    Sorry for the simple questions, but my experience has been with 2 stoke boats and small 2 stroke engines. I have yet to work on a ski, so this will be my learning project.

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    try the old school section. This section is mainly for 2000 and up GPR's and 99 and up XL/XLT's etc.

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    intake grate ? Pump Shoe ?

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