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    Jet Pump Seal RXT 215 2009

    hello there i have a RXT 215 and i took it to my dealer a few weeks ago, he got me a quote that sais my jet pump seals need to be changed what could mess up my jetski seals how could this happen and my second question is are they actually worth 350 $ ? i want to know how could they mess up and is this the real price please and thankyou

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    Are you talking about the actual rubber seals in the pump? Did they pressure test them and determine they were bad or was there some sort of issue you experienced that caused you to take it to the dealer. I would guess the dealer doesn't touch much for less than $350

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    I dont know what he changed but he said they were the jet pump seals , and i took the jetski to him cause the day before i took it i was out in sea and when i was on WOT and after 10 seconds or so i leave the throttle and the jetski beeps and starts acting wierd like im releasing and accelerating but my hand was steady and then the second time i get a message saying oil...

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