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    2001 Yamaha 800xl questions

    Hi all, I'm new here and new to pwc, so don't beat me up too bad.
    I recently purchased a 2001 Yamaha 800xl and have a few questions for those who have much more knowledge than I. I know about the 3 big issue's with these, and want to take preventive measures before anything bad happens.
    Not too sure about the clips on the power valves?, I was able to open one of the valve plates a fraction and it looks like there is a clip already in there, but not sure if that was from the factory, or if someone else already performed this work. I went to the WaveEater site and it looks identical to the top picture under more info, than click the link that says "this problem is more common" I'm not sure if that is one of his clips or not?
    I assume this machine also has a cat, not sure if has been removed or not? I was told if I use a better oil I won't have any problems, but hear it may be best to remove anyway just to be safe. I see most vendors have listings for the d-plate for the 1200, but not the 800. Are these the same size? I have already burned through 1 tank of gas and everything seems ok for now. Been taking it easy about 1/2 throttle till I'm sure of a few of these issue's are taking care of.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    If you can take some picture we'll be able to tell you if it is the waveeater clip or not, but that is a must have item. As for the cat, the xl800 doesn't have a cat...

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    Thanks for the response. Everything is still together on this, but was able to open valve cover enough to see.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Imag0015.jpg 
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ID:	247322 That is a pic from the waveeater site. That is exactly like mine, but not sure if that was a picture before waveeater install? It was his measurement picture to see if you valve has already been rubbing the piston.

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    In that picture there is no waveater clip

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    Thanks again. I assume the exhaust gaskets will need replaced when doing the clips. My other worry problem is the oil lines coming off. Do you recommend the ss zip ties or ss hose clamps. All the fuel and oil lines look like new, but will check them out real well, if they need replaced, what do you recommend?

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    I just checked out all the lines and they show no signs of deterioration. When I remove the exhaust to do the clips, I want to replace all zip ties, make sure every line is tight.

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