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    12v Hi

    Hey all, my PX is flashing 12V HI on and off while riding, and is occasionally throwing a P1690 (VTS up stuck open or shorted) code in there as well for good measure. All electrical functions like VTS (up and down) and DESS post work fine and typically this doesn't start happeing until after riding for a few minutes. I will say it seems to be struggling to start compared to how it used to be.

    My thought is bad battery or voltage regulator? Which is more likely, and is there a way to tell?


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    maybe water in vts box causing short. my vts motor was corroded to shit and still woprked but started to blow fuse.

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    I finally got around to getting a multi meter on the battery. About 12.7V sitting doing nothing, 13.5V at idle after starting and giving a quick rev, but it climbs up past 14.5V with a small amount of throttle being held.

    I didn't have a hose handy to cool the machine so I couldn't do much more to test, but the voltage out of the rectifier seems to climb higher than it should at relatively low rpms (probably about 4k would be my guess - didn't have enough hands free to properly monitor everything :\ )

    I'm going to replace the rectifier and battery this weekend hopefully if I can get the parts and hopefully we're in business.

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    I have the same problem after Rectifier replace but still the same.
    It's a Stator problem,measure your stator voltage first.

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    I'm gonna try the rectifier first. It's cheap to try - the shop rate on fixing the stator will be big. You're actually the first person I've found who claims it to be the stator as every other case I've read up on it's the rectifier for 12v High. 12v Low seems to be 50/50 on stator or rectifier.

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    New rectifier didn't fix it. Tried measuring the AC off the stator before opening the rectifier (in case I wanted to return it) and at idle it was giving off 22-26V between any 2 pins so went ahead and swapped in the new regulator. No change - 12V Hi and P1690 constantly.

    Couple questions:

    1. Whats the stator voltage supposed to be at higher rpms

    2. Where can I troubleshoot a P1690 code in the ski? Is there a fuse I can pull to disable that error and see if the 12V hi goes away? Will disabling the VTS do that?

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    you temporary unplug rectifier cable,after battery low then plug in back charge at low rpm.

    next time when engine lift up then replace it

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    I pulled the fuse to the VTS hoping it might change the P1690 code and/or the 12V Hi warning but no such luck - just added more errors without taking any away.

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    I too am having 12V HI on my WakePro215. Dealership has tested the battery, the stator and rectifier, and nothing found. When I get 12V HI, the electrical system starts to drop out for as much as several seconds. Dealership has agreed to take machine out on water when lakes thaw to do a test drive. I sure how it acts up while the mechanic is on the water.

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