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    1994 SL750 Drive Shaft - Flattened Splines....


    I have a 1994 SL750 which over the weekend suddenly stopped performing. The motor still runs fine, but when the accelerator is depressed the rpms simply go up and the ski does not move. We took the impeller and drive shaft off and it appears that the splines on the motor side have flattened on the driveshaft causing the motor to spin and not engage with the drive shaft.

    Anyone seen a similar issue?

    Is it possible that the female splines in the crank are also bad? Any good way to check these?

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    Chances are good if the DS splines are bad, the engine coupler splines will be bad as well.

    I'd suggest getting another engine coupler and drive shaft. Pretty simple fix, and not too much $$$ to do.

    Try John Zigler at rock County Jet Ski for good used parts, or you can buy new. Up to you.

    And welcome to the Hulk.

    Also check the pump bearings. If the DS was wobbling around, it may have worn them inside the pump too.

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