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    I Need Help Diagnosing

    Hey everyone, it’s been a long time since I have been here and I just can’t seem to figure out the problem that I am having with my ski so I figured I would give this a shot to see what everyone else has to say.
    I just came back from a week vacation on the lake and the ski ran pretty good during the beginning of the week but later as time went on, it starting acting up and now doesn’t quite run right, it will idle and start all day everyday but when I go to give it gas it won’t rev or come out the water (“sounds” and maybe “feels” as though the rev limiter is kicking in at like <3000 rpm, I know that it may not be the rev limiter I am just trying to explain what it sounds and feels like). I have had some people tell me that it sounds like an electrical problem and others saying that its starving for fuel…I just don’t know…so that’s why I am here. Someone told me that it could be the key but I cleaned connections, wiggled it, took it off and on and it would still have the same problem.
    Oh yea and the kicker to this is that it won’t always act this way one minute it will be screamin along and then all of a sudden RPMs die and I lose most power. Sometimes letting it sit, or turning it off and on will make it go away, or even gently applying the throttle will make the problem go away and the ski will act right again, until the problem comes back.
    I have no idea what it could be or even where to start diagnosing the problem, any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I could try to add a video of the motor acting up if that would help anybody.


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    Sounds like a bad rectifier. Check your voltage on the battery while running, sometimes you can tell by the irratic readings. Search for some threads on voltage regulator and or rectirier for more detailed tests. There is some good info on it here. When the regulator goes bad it bleeds AC current through and temporarily scrambles the computer making it run as you described.

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    Do you still have the Gray fuel lines? If so follow the DIY fuel cleaning thread.

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