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    New one here and so far love it.

    Hello all I found this site after much searching for solutions to my SINKING GP1200.

    Any ways i have found some good info but I do have one question.

    Has anyone ever removed cat and shimmed bolts to fit it back together with out a d-plate? and i did resistor mod on it.

    I am asking because I am at a loss with the ski.

    It is a 2000 Yamaha GP1200 YA and when I got it she ran good clear up to 60+ MPH then within the first 10 hrs it melted the exhaust and sunk.

    So I sent back to shop and they put new one on and within 5 miles sunk again.

    I have so far sunk 8 times and am about ready to pull motor and rebuild unless i missed something. IDK i am going to keep reading for now.

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    Welcome to greenhulk, the reason there a dplate ur motor need the back pressure to operate correctly. Sunk 8 time that a record. What part of the exhaust melted??? Are u talking about the exhaust hose? Or the exhaust itself??

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    that plastic pvc crap. I have gotten pretty original with the repairs. Now it has a 4" exhaust elbow from a semi and couplers ill try and get a pic for y'all.

    I thought the cat was getting to hot so that is why i pulled it. One thing is when i run amsoil HPI oil it seems to not sink as often. but the first ride this season i put in some yamalube and sure enough sunk it!

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    if you're melting the rubber exhaust couplers, then there must not be enough water flow through the exhaust to cool it. Check for blockages in the exhaust water jackets.

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