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    93 sl650 runs great out of water

    I have a sl650 that had some electrical issues. I finally got those resolved and thought I had it ready to go as it ran great on the trailer and out of the water (only ran it for 10 seconds or less). Put it in the water and it fired right up. Pulling away from the dock it ran, but didn't run strong. Ran it for a few hundred yards and then docked it. It never ran well again when it was in the water and most of the time wouldn't even start. So I trailered it and turned it over out of the water again. It started and ran like a champ. I guessed that there was probably a leak somewhere in the cooling system that is letting water into the piston, but I don't see anything like that in the service manual. Are there any gaskets or o-rings that could have failed and would let water into the piston?

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    Engines will always run great on the trailer. There's no load on it.

    What's your compression?

    Are all 3 cyls warm to the touch after running it for a couple sec. out of the water?

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    Thanks, I'll get a compression gauge and check it. In the meantime, I tried turning it over this morning and there was a milky white fluid coming out from underneath the first piston (towards the front) and water oozing from the plug on the middle one.

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    sounds like head gaskets are leaking

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    How difficult are they to replace?

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    Not hard at all, just remove your head bolts and pull the heads off and replace the head gaskets. Make sure you torque them and i am sure there is a thread on this , you can look it up.

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