I have a 96 900 zxi and the speedometer does not work. I checked the voltage R/W (+) BK/W (-) and I get ~ 12V from up front when disconnecting at the connectors to the speed sensor.

I believe the speed sensor is the problem. I was wondering if there was a way to test the sensor to confirm it is no good. The wheel is there, is not stuck at all. Spins freely. The cable looks good. Nothing looks corroded. This ski is very clean for its age.

I tried putting a meter on it and was not getting any voltage jump. I was actually getting a constant 8V without turning the wheel and no change when turning the wheel. My meter connection was G/R (+) and BK/W (-). I may not have had the best connection. I also did it with the ignition on. Does anyone know if the ignition must be on or if the motor must be running to check the sensor?

Any other suggestions are much appreciated.