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    1997 750 ZXI breakin

    New to the site I just bought a 97 750 ZXI has a new engine that I have to put in. I have never broke in a jet ski. Can someone please tell me what the process is? Thanks for any info

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    i know i have heard two basic theories on this. First question...are yous still using the oil injector setup off the system? and also did u install the block off plate for the purge valve on the bottom of the engine....(highly recommend) If you are using the oil injector set up I would recommend just from what i have done in the past. Still making your gas a premix. Just not as strong a mix as you would normally make it. You may foul out a plug this way but lil extra oil in break in is not a bad thing in my you cant always be sure about oil injector pumps...

    Now if you are not running with the oil injector setup and you are doing Premix all the way which has its benefits. I would recommend an increase in the oil for example...if you normally run at 50:1 run maybe up 65:1 oil mix....(please not those numbers are just for example) and keep it this way for maybe 3 tank fulls. (Note: 3 tanks fulls are generally what i use for break in for an engine) recommend if you are doing premix look up correct amount for you set up.

    Now as far as riding here comes a split diversion on how to break it in. I have heard it said many times either method I am going to describe below :

    Calm Steady approach: Put ski on water Run not go to full throttle......little above 3/4 is fine but vary you throttle constantly every so often do not stay at one set throttle setting for more than a min or two. Run for 30 mins to and hr shut down for 30mins and (inspect and check fittings etc since the engine is fresh expect surprises...stuff forgotten loose bolts etc hoseclamps ) after 30 mins crank back up run for another 30 mins to an hour same way. Keep doing this for 2 to 3 tanks of gas. After this is complete you are good and broke in.

    The second method I have heard is the essentially take it out and peg it out ...put it on the water warm it up ....and once it at full throttle for 15 to 20 mins the cruise 15...20 mins the peg it out again......the basic theory here is that as it was told to me by a mechanic when i was learning engines years and years that the high speed break in allows for the engine to essentially break in its parts as if it were being used in high speed conditions...and thus supposedly it allows the engine to reach it's full potential.........

    I will be honest I have used both methods and have not seen any drastic improvement on the second method......i prefer the first method i described...simple because with any new or rebuilt engine often times it takes time for components to match and seat and if something is not just right and you push it to hard you may cause an irreversible problem that will cause more time out of the water and repairs.....

    However I would highly recommend that you use during break in: Non Ethanol Gas......A good quality synthetic 2cyl oil.......and at least mid grade gas the mid grade is optional but ...only recommend non ethanol if you can get it for carb skis....the reason behind this is that the majority of equipment and motorcycles and skis i have worked on ...that are carbed do not do well with the new increased Ethanol gas it causes gumming of the fuel and lines and increased problems with sticking needles and seats....
    Lastly since your engine is out...I would lastly recommend removing your fuel tank and cleaning it .....and flushing or replacing your fuel lines...because u may likely run into a situation where u have to run ethanol older rubber lines can have issues at times because of the ethanol. Not to mention fuel tanks collect alot of trash over the life span of a ski.....and the last thing you want is to be stuck out on the water because of debris in your tank....
    Hope this helps......have great times and fun on the Water
    Sincerely Dudley

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