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    2004 MSX 150 only goes 7 mph,and not over 3400 rpm

    Hi all, I am kind of new to this forum and new to my jetski's. I have a 2004 MSX 150 Turbo that had an oil problem... the previous owner filled the ski up with too much oil. While it was like this I only started it twice.. with that said, I changed the oil and put a new filter on it.... after doing that I took it to the water and it would only go around 7mph and not past 3400 rpm... the motor sounded great and it fired right up... after looking at the manual I noticed that the ski might think it is in reverse mode.... how do I get the ski back to regular mode.... I am pretty sure that is the problem, but not for sure. No check engin lights came on other than when it was started and then they went out after about 7-10 seconds.. any ideas on this and or pics of where the reverse mode switch might be would be great... thanks so much.....

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    3400 is a pretty unique RPM and really points to a bad IFB.

    See this thread - just happened to me!

    IFB system part number is 2410507. I paid $34 I think plus shipping and went ahead and grabbed some filters and such to make the order worthwhile.

    BTW - the ski is flawless now. Zero issues. Fired it up and put about 5+ hours since the new IFB with perfect performance.

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    where is the IFB Module located... thanks for the help. I believe we are on to something here

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    Aft end of ski...sort of dangles down just above the battery. Is a 2" by 2" black module with the part number printed on it.

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    Just make sure your reverse switch is working ok. A defective reverse switch will limit the rpm to what you are seeing. Also, there is a way to bypass and completely eliminate the IFB module for all of you guys who are having issues with it....

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    How do you eliminate the reverse switch?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gdavis View Post
    How do you eliminate the reverse switch?

    IMO, it is best to not deactivate a major safety function for both user and machine. There is no way to test the machine out of water without running the risk of damage and you are setting yourself for a major liability if something bad were to happen to a rider of your ski. Way too may lawyers to be fixing Polaris engineering over a $40 part.

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    You are right. I was riding with some other Polaris MSX guys this weekend. These guys were extremely helpful and miraculously I was able to get the ski on the water... after riding for about 5min... my battery light came on and the ski would not turn over after shutting it off...... the battery was dead, I tried taking it to the water the next day and the battery again was dead... also it is revving up to around 8000 rpm with no throttle on ... the guys I was riding with thought this would be a bad ppu sensor, not sure of what to do.

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    Can you tell me how to bypass my IFB. I am limited to 3400 RPM and would like to verify it is the IFB before I try to find one on short notice to have it up by the 4th.

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    Did you get your problem fixed on this ski?

    Just wondering what you found wrong? Right now I have the same problem.


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