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Thread: 951 XPL exhaust

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    951 XPL exhaust

    Anybody run into a 951 that breakes the stud off??
    These motors vibrate more than the 787 and 717, but enough to break a stud?
    Is there a collar that is missing or some support?
    It seems like if you get these things to the point of not leaking, they break something!
    I have seen this happen before, but what is the root cause?

    Thanks for the help

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    is the black support in place? Does it still have the bushing and bolt in it?

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    Had a bolt back out of the exhaust on my 787 never the 951 .. If anything i think my 951 ru s smoother and quiter than my 787 ...

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    I'll check the bushing on the collector, I am sure that was in there.
    I am going to drill out the and extract that broken stud out of the exhast manifold,
    Thanks for the help,

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