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    Unhappy Have polaris genesis 2000 and am having problems with it, could really use some help!

    Hi, we have a genesis 2000 it is not fuel injected and it had been running after we replaced the spark plugs. When we were out on the lake I am not sure if we got weeds stuck or not but we went across the lake there was a slight smell and then even though the throttle was wide open it stopped running. No sound, no further smell and it wouldn't restart and had to be towed in. We did get it to start though to blow out the water on the trailer. Then we took it out again after replacing the sparkplugs and oil, and charging up the battery. Ran great, ran it about 3 plus hours and then when our grandson was on it the red light came on so he shut it off once again we just towed it in and brought it home. We then gassed it up and brought it back to the lake, started up took off and ran for a few minutes over to the beach no stalling out or anything. Then our other grandson went to take his girlfriend out and he said right after they went out in the lake the jet ski was going and then again it suddenly stopped and didn't restart again like the other time. Okay, I know I have no clue but this is my favorite toy and summer in Minnesota is very short and my husband does not have a clue either and he openly admits that. If we take it to the dealer to fix it they want to run it on the water at $89 per hour until it quits well it is not each time but I don't want to pay them over $500 to play on it to see if it quits or until it quits I just don't have the money. I know at one time they were saying fuel pump or fuel filter? but then I saw on the internet where it could be maybe the computer? It does start again but now we have not brought it back to the lake as we need to be sure we have a way to tow it again. Please if you can help that would be great! Thanks for reading this. g

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    Sounds like you may have 2 things going on.
    First-is the battery new ? If you need to keep charging it, you have a problem.
    Second-the red light-did it have a message, like overheat ?
    Check the jet pump screen for debris.

    Most how-to info can be found here:

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