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    2001 RX Di missing and maint light on

    Hi guys, i wounder if you could help me, I've not been on here for a while as everything has been all good ski wise, I upgraded my 2001 rxdi to a 2005 rxp and my misses took the di off of my hands.

    We went out on saturday night started up fine before going into the water. Dropped them in and just before we mounted up I helped a chap and his wife get his 20 foot tri boat on the trailer as it was becoming painful to watch the struggle. My misses decided to start up and plod around the slip..... And for the first time ever in owning the ski for 6 years it struggled to start as if it was flooded! the maint light came on and when it did start it was missing really bad to the point that it wouldnt rev and then when returning to idle it cut out.

    after about 20 mins checking connections we put back on the trailer and shipped it home. The following day got it to the local dealer who said they try and put it on buds asap, that turned out to be this afternoon! The diagnostic came back as an air injector. So I am gonna pick ski up tomorrow and gonna try and source one.

    My questions are, how can I check an air injector? just want to verify it before spending all that on an injector. Is it easy to change, I take it just pull out the fuel rail and swap it out. Does it need reprogramming once new one is fitted? and last but not least..... where is the cheapest place to buy or is a secondhand one worth thinking about?

    oh yeah and Ive forgotten what is the proceedure for calling up codes on the ski display?

    Thanks in advance guys

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    There are a couple of guys parting out DI's on here and I think one on As far as changing the air injector it is pretty easy. They are just plug and play no need to reprogram.

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    perry performance group cleans and flows fuel and air injectors. believe its a core exchange type deal. google them. they also have perfromance upgrades for the di's

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    Thanks guys thats great, I have a new one coming it will be here monday

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