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    4-tec LRV conversion?

    Wanting to build a fishing rig. Got to see JSB's fish scaled SUV Sunday. Really liking the extra size and odd looks of the LRV. Just curious if anyone has done a 4-Tec swap into one yet so I can get an idea of the work involved.

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    its been done... i search under member rapid acceleration. i beleive he did one and posted the build here

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    I have a nice lrv with bad motor will sell right

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    Found an LRV hull with all the fixins except for the engine and computer locally.

    I see that I can get a shortblock for around a grand if I can find a dead 951 core to send them. I'm guessing that sending a core would be cheaper than buying it without a core but will have to find out on Monday.

    The big question that I still have is on the electronics AND does anyone know of any other stronger engines that will fit in this tank? Much like other folks on this and other forums...I'm looking to use it to fish off of. My 3 seaters work fine but this would be pretty cool too IMO. Mod ideas? There are plenty of skis around the area with good guts and thrashed hulls since IKE hit 2 years ago or so.

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