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    New custom built trailer for momma

    I boat with the owner of Roadrunner trailers of Texas and had him build me a trailer. I just asked for a cheap trailer because the lake we have a place on is so low and my lift is drying up quick. I pulled up to pick it up today and he built me this gem!

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    It looks nice and small to fit in the tight places. But the axle looks to far back, for to much touge weight.

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    Sits a tad front heavy, but I can't feel it in my 2500 at all. Builder mentioned it might be and said we will move the front stop back a foot if need be. Truth is I bet that trailer gets 10 miles put on it this year. Our lake house is a block from the ramp and next year when the water comes up the ski stays in the boathouse.

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    Nice ! Can you tell me approx how much is their "cheap trailer" ?
    Looks sweet I love black trailers

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    I can't give a price, it was built by a friend for a friend, but I got the whole thing built for what a set of the tires/rims would cost a person at discount tire or maybe even less. About a third of a new shoreliner.

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