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Thread: Core wanted

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    Core wanted

    Hey everyone new to the forum and I have been loving it. Long story short picked up a 2001 GP800r and the engine is shot. We tore it down and pulled it out and the Crank case has hole large enough my finger can go through.

    Anyone has good core that I can rebuild or use to trade in on a new rebuilt. Pwcengines quote me like an additional $250 to weld the hold on the crank case. SBT quote another $150 but not too sure about SBT since too many horror story about them.

    This is my first ski and so far I have learned a lot tearing it to pieces. Much more to learn though.
    Should I try to rebuild or just go with a rebuilt package?


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    Look in the classified there a member on here selling several gp800r short blocks.

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    Rebuilt it...

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