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    2002 800xl low speed

    Hi, new to the sport/ board. Purchased this 3 weeks ago, ran fine. Two adults on it and topped out at 50mph. Yesterday, one passenger, I could only get it going 42 mph. It stays in the water and I have checked the intake and output and have not felt and weeds or obstructions. What should I look at next?

    Thanks. I searched the forums, but did not find any posts for this ski.

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    Welcome to greenhulk. Are you checking these speed with the speedometer or gps??? Do a compression test first and then go from there...

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    I am using the spedometer.

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    Also it tops out RPM at 6600

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    you should be seeing 7000+ rpm. You need to do a compression test as mentioned above. How many hours on the ski?

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