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    do I have a problem?

    Ok I have a 2000 gp1200r and a 2000 xl1200. When I remove the fuel cap from the gpr I get a vaccuum and the tank sucks in air. When I do the same on the XL I get nothing. I am having a problem with the throttle linkage hanging up on my GPR when it's hot. As soon as I get it cranked it will work fine. Is this a vaccuum problem? I was reading in another thread about a check valve and I wonder if I'm having a check valve problem. Thanks.

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    Fresh gas has a tendency to vaporize quickly, especially in the summer. For this reason, your tank ought to actually pressure up and have positive pressure. If you unscrew your cap by spinning it quickly with your finger, it should actually "pop off" due to the high pressure. (This works with fresh gas). It is desireable to have this pressure because it helps to drive the fuel from the gas tank to the carburetors. There is such a thing as to much pressure though. Yamaha built in a little pressure relief valve to keep the pressure in your tank from getting to high.

    Look at where the fuel lines to the carbs come out of the top and middle of the gas tank. You will see 1 small hose that goes straight up toward your handle bars with a little white valve on it.

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