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    Removal of Stripped Ride Plate Bolts?

    I went to install my new FF plate today, and ended up with 2 stripped ride plate bolts. I front & 1 rear. I have read how to remove the inserts with heat or an air chisel, and will use some billet brackets to reassemble.

    But - How do I get the 2 effin bolts out?? I don"t mind if the stock ride plate gets hacked, just more concerned about not damaging the hull at all. Any tips you may have would be greatly appreciated..

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    What exactly is stripped? The head bolts?
    You sure the bracket is not just spinning on the inside? I know to remove mine, I had to toss a pair of vice grips on the bracket and then undo the bolt because the bracket was just spinning.

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    It is hard to imagine that the Stainless bolts stripped, because they are stronger than the brass inserts that they are bolted into. It is more likey that the inserts are stripped.

    The bolts have to have some force to help push them out while you are pushing the socket onto them.

    I would try to place a plastic or wooden wedge between the plate and the hull next to the offending bolt. The force that is pushing the plate away from the hull is also working on the bolt to come out. The more you unscrew the bolt, the more you push in the wedge to apply force on the bolt.

    It doesn't take a lot of force to make this happen, so tap the wedge in gently.

    Now if the inserts themselves are loose, then this is a different story. . Pull your battery box, and with a flash light, check to see if the inserts are turning as someone tries to unscrew the bolts. You will have to grab them with some channel locks or vise grips to keep them from spinning while someone else removes the bolts.

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    if you mean the brass insert is spinning i had the same problem, to get them out i used vice grips to grab the brass insert, and then centre punched the head of the bolt, use a small drill bit to drill thru the head of the bolt, then use a larger drill bit to cut the the head clean off, then just pull the brass insert out thru the inside.

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    vice grips = win!

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    Thanks for the tips guys! Just by using some wood wedges & body weight did the trick. Now just have to install new brackets, so I don't need to deal with this again..

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