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    water flowing in to comaprtment from back of jetski 1100 stx 2002 Kawasaki

    Just put the 2002 1100 stx in the water after being in storage for a year. Water was filling up the compartment on the first ride out. I drained it and took off the seat ran it around an looked inside to see water coming from the back side of the jetski . The water only comes in when running in the lake , it did not fill up in the compartment when I hooked up the water to the flush unit.

    Does this sound like a cooling hose from the pump maybe cracked or is their a seal in the shaft that might be bad leaking in water?

    PS. yes the drain plugs are in

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    The sponsons leak somtimes. But it most likely will take some time to fill the ski. Try puting some water in the ski to see if you can see a leak on the out side. I not famlier with your ski. But if I had your probem I would back the ski on the trailer in to the water leveing it on the trailer. Take the seat off runing the ski and look to see where it coming from. The water line off the pump might be the probem. A guy with a seadoo just had this happen a few weeks ago. Good luck and sorry I coundnt help.

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    Could be the driveshaft seal or a water hose. I've also had the seals on the drain plug get squishy and leak.

    Try riding it with the seat off and see if you see/feel a leak.

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