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    What if I don't flush every time???

    I run my 07 FXHO mainly in a hundred acre clear pond in New Hampshire and I don't have fresh water yet at my camp so I haven't flushed it at all this summer.I've only put 10 hours on it so far. Am I causing any damage because of this??? Thanks Gregg

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    Well it's fresh water so it's not like there's any salt in the water. I would say it's ok if you don't flush everytime, but I'd still try to flush if you let the ski sit for a while.

    I'm in MA btw and i have ridden on winnapasakae before

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    I leave it on the trailer covered. It's only in the water for weekends I'm there. Does fresh water hard or soft leave mineral deposits that need to be flushed out? Thanks.

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    If you've ever torn apart any ski fresh water or not you'll find some junk in the cooling passages. It's more important in my opinion to flush a ski with an intercooler...

    The FXHO is the choice for rental companies... I doubt you'll have a problem.

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    buy a 12v pump and drop it in a 20 litre container of fresh to flush and connect to battery if your worried...i do this a lot for piece of mind when i cant get to a tap/hose

    i have a more powerful version of above and it works great,i even add a spalsh of salt x or salt away to the 20l of fresh but this you wont need

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