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    Question what do i need to run a x charger on an 07 rxp stock ecu?

    iv seen diffrent threads but none is 100% specific on what i will need to run an xcharger on a 2007 rxp. i know im going to need the 42 injectors off a rxpx but what else is needed to run the x charger on a stock ecu

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    Fuel wise that's will also need a15/20 prop

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    X charger without external ic just needs the 42's and your good.

    X charger with external ic needs the 42's and a RRFPR to add some fuel on top.

    I think my AFR's with out the RRFPR where @ 12.4-12.5 WOT

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    I'm running the x charger with 42lbs injectors and a 4 inch intake. You'll also need a 14/19 or 15/20 prop. 14/19 will net the best speed but if you mod anymore you'll need the 15/20.

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