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    09 VX Cruiser top speed all stock?

    Hello all! I've been lurking on this site for a while now gaining alot of useful info before making a recent purchase of our first family jet ski--a 2009 Yamaha VX Cruiser w/20hrs on it. Everything is mint on the ski and the only thing I noticed when doing my test drive was that I wasn't able to get it going over 50mph @8000 rpm. The older guy I purchased it from said he had never really been over 50mph much either. He had all maintenance done by the yammie dealer with most recent oil/plug change Sept. 10. This ski has lots of low end power definitely, but from what I've read on here it should be going a bit faster on the top end....
    So after purchase I took to my local yammie dealer which to the best of my knowledge has a pretty good reputation/long history around these parts to go thru it just in case I missed anything/change spark plugs cuz I always like to start a fresh baseline whenever buying used....
    Dealer said everything in great shape-pulled/checked air filter, changed to new plugs, no engine codes etc. and my jet ski probably the cleanest he has seen in a while....soooo take it out on the lake for a couple hours with full tank of fresh 87octane and my 270lb frame and still couldn't get it to run 50+ consistently for more than a second or two....
    I plan on doing a few GPS runs to confirm actual speed....pending those results I have a couple questions.....How much of a break in period do these motors require for rings to seat etc.? Is it possible that is still going on and more top end performance will come? Also....How much does my weight affect the top cruising speed? All the guys I see posting on here/elsewhere that weigh more than 250 seem to be getting similiar top speeds on the VX110's.....The yammie mechanic said he didn't think I would gain much at all with Riva/R & D filter upgrade and to save my money?

    Sorry for the long post, but I've found including a little history on here can go a long way....



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    What your saying is consistent with my personal experience. My wife has an 09 VX Cruiser. It tops just over 50.
    My FZS seemed to get faster at about 15 hours or so. I haven't tried our VX since it had like 10 hours on it but I'd imagine it probably is similar in break in time.

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