The Jettribe Moto Jacket is designed and specially built for the true PWC rider. With the PWC rider in mind our Jettribe R&D Team has built these jackets to provide maximum flexibility, comfort, and various weather protection.

Most riders of Stand-ups or Runabouts experience cold or the chill factor from the wind and water splashes hitting your chest while riding. Our moto jacket is designed to keep the cold air away from your core source body heat – which is your chest and head! It’s okay if you are wet or damp, just as long as the wind or water does not zap away your body heat. The moto jacket is not designed for those riders who find themselves constantly in the water, falling off from their skis.

Some additional features of the jacket that set it apart from others are: removable zipped hoodie, side panels made of neoprene for warmth and comfort, top center panels that are vented, air mesh to allow water to pass through, side panels made of neoprene for maximum flexibility, and dual side pockets to keep your hands warm.

The Jettribe Moto Jacket is tested and literally “used and abused” by many of our team riders at the IJSBA World Finals. Yes, these jackets are not just tested, but race tested.

The Jettribe Moto Jackets are not built to replace the wetsuit but are a great alternative and addition to your wetsuit. It provides the PWC rider with comfort and protection against the elements while looking pretty cool on or out of the water.

We hope you enjoy our Moto Jacket! Stay safe and ride hard!
The Jettribe Family
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL
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