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    Post Mpem troubleshooting guide

    This is not a guide yet, but may develop into one with helpful additions of information. I have considered that not all models have the same mpem, but they are all similar.

    I've been searching for a guide written by a technician, engineer, or the like. All I can find is 16 pages of "my seadoo does this", and "I replaced this or a combination of that".
    There is almost never a clear "part X was definitively broke and caused symptom W". Other posts, the person started a thread, and never followed up after "I replaced part X, Y, & Z, and I'm going to see if that fixes it tomorrow." Is it still broke? Did it repair the fault? Did the guy get upset with the money pit and just sell it? Who knows, ohh yea, not the forum, thats for sure.
    I am currently chasing down the em-famous "just randomly quits" problem. (1996 sportster 717) I would like to take this opportunity to make a structured comprehensive troubleshooting guide beyond the normal "check your lanyard, replace the post, clean everything, reprogram your mpem, buy new parts and prey" responses offered so generously. Although well meaning, your experience with faulty dess components does not pinpoint the cure for another person having the same or similar symptoms. Replacing parts without confirming they are 100% faulty, is blindly guessing and possibly throwing away money. The person I bought my boat from had the "dess post replaced by a seadoo dealer". That turned out to be a post that had been but spliced into an extension, and then again into the original connector, none of it waterproofed in any way. He was obviously giving away his hard earned cash, and I purchased the boat with the same fault that "they said they could never make it happen". So, this guide will help old owners beware, and new owners (or new to them) be wise. >[This was not a dealer bash, I like dealers, but not all are operated as they should be, my opinion is the majority are, and I appreciate their professionalism]<
    I will start gathering info the most logical way possible, in order to further my troubleshooting beyond the basics of what I have read from searching, and add to this guide. Since my problem is 100% random, regardless of condition, the first order of business, is the next and first statement/2 questions, read them carefully, respond to them on topic please. Good information will help the guide with partial or full power loss due to mpem issues.

    Fact:The mpem has full authority to control ignition, meaning it can suppress (theft deterrent) , initiate (starting), sustain (normal operation), limit (rev limiting), or remove it (?) at any time.
    Question1:What conditions does the mpem have authority to remove ignition from a running engine?
    Question2:What conditions does the mpem have authority to prevent a restart, until
    the system is reset by removing and re-installing the key?

    I would like to thank anyone in advance, who has anything constructive to add.

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    I just found this after reading the FSM till my eyes hurt. This appears to be accurate interpritation of the FSM. It is a good read if you need a solid breakdown of what goes on when you put the key on the post.

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