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    I might actually want an injected ski

    I have been tossing around the idea of getting one of the FFI machines. Which would be a better choice? A Virage TXI or a MSX 140?

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    can't go wrong with either

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    I got a chance to ride both this past weekend at the Midwest Gathering. Lugs is right, either is a good choice. The main thing is decide which kind of riding you want to do. The MSX is well suited for heavy water while the Virage is a little more nimble.


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    Go for it. I have only owned the Genesis I so I cant speak to the others. I love mine, nice amount of power and stable in the water. One of these days though I plan on buying a MSX 140 to go along with my Genesis I. I almost bought a MSX 150 a while back but those weber engines seem to have some issues and I dont feel like messing with cylinder plating failure and all that mess.

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