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    96 sl 900 won't start

    I'm sure I wrecked something major on this deal. I put a new battery in...forgot to cover the terminals and she sparked and shorted when i put the metal brain box on battery. Now the dash display doesn't work and I only get spark on the first turnover of engine...then no spark. What did I do!?! Help!

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    1ST check your fuses and breaker, fuses are inside box

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    Fuses inside are good....tried reset couple times...put in new plugs....still same thing

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    Power surges or spikes in voltage will blow your fuse, take them out and replace them, it is hard to see a blown fuse .Your fuse runs your mfi and one is bilge pump.

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    I did have one customer that did the same thing and had to replace the cdi box

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    Try unpluging the back of the mfi and check voltage on the red/ purple wire

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    also check the ground , black wire also.

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    The new fuse did the trick for the multi function display...the bilge is good to go. I checked spark again and it still sparks one time then no spark. So it might be the stator or cdi eh?

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    oh man - goood luck digging!

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