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    Removing oil from engine

    Hey guys,

    So i checked my oil looking for issues as to why my RPM seems low, and i check my dipstick and i am above the full line by like 1/4 inch.

    I made the measurement on the trailer by putting a level on the coil packs, and adjusting the traiiler height until it showed level, and then did the usual pulling of the dipstick. The ski had sat for 3 days, so the oil was cold.

    Is there a better procedure for checking the oil than what im doing that isnt terribly difficult? Im told i should be on the middle of the dipstick, but i dont know if thats cold or hot and how it compares level wise between the two.

    I just borrowed the oil extractor from a friend so I want to get this show on the road, any input is appreciated!

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    I'd say middle of dipstick cold is where you want to be. It will probably creep up to 3/4 after the engine gets to operating temp. That's my personal preference. You will have to run the engine for a few seconds Initially and after you add/remove oil and recheck. It doesn't take much to change the oil level. You probably only want to remove 1/4 of a quart. Recheck after the engine is hot. I've gotten in the habit of checking it each time I load out on the trailer. Just don't forget to put the seat back on (dont ask)

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    good to know. I will do this and get back to you guys! Im currently only running 7740 TOPS, Im hoping that getting the right amount of oil in there will get me some RPM back!

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    Engine needs to be warm and level for the best readings. I would personally pull ALL of the oil out and put 3 quarts back in. Once you get the initial oil out, hold the throttle all the way down and turn it over about 5 or 6 seconds. Then pump the remaining oil out. Best way to ensure you don't over fill the oil.

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