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    Floating plastic lifts- hard on skis or okay?

    I go to a lake near here and they have the floating plastic jetski lifts available at a few of the popular establishments. I'm super anal about how my stuff looks so I haven't tried them yet. I'm worried they might scratch the crap out of the bottom of my ski. Does anyone have any experience with them? They look something like this but blue in color.

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    yea i am a freak about my stuff too... I have ridden on them before... and it didnt seem to do anything to the machine. the kind i rode up had lk 3 plastic rollers on the bottom, but you could see where other machines hit the sides and cut the plastic of the lift. I would say just make sure you pull on slowly and not fly on like some people do and almost go over haha. But who knows.

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    Yes, they will scuff the ski's just like carpeted bunks do.

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