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Thread: SC Hoses

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    SC Hoses

    This is for the techno guys. lol I have an 08 RXP-X with 108 hrs. I just had the sc rebuilt with the viton seal put in. Inside of cooler and intake hose aer now clean. The intake was all oily on the inside and outside was like tar when you gripped it. Im asuming it overheated so I replaced it with a new one. It seems a bit stiffer and performance is way up. On the garden hose Ive noted that there is some swelling of these hoses when reving it up, so was wondering if there is still some room for gains by wrapping the hoses to and from the intercooler with something that would stiffen up the hoses more? Im getting 8100rpm and 67.2 mph temp on the gauge read 77F Thanks guys you have been a wealth of info in the past

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    metal pipe

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    How ironic! I have a 2008 rxpx and I have the exact same hours (10 but my hoses weren't like that and I was still clocking 73+. I just recently installed the RIVA relocation kit that came with mandrel bent pipe so I have my OEM hoses if you need them (still in perfect condition).

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    I've only half as many hours and my hose from the SC to the throttle body was shot. Blew off twice in one day, back at the garage I found the same condition you described. I just ordered a relocation kit from Speedfreeks. Not that worried about the location aspect, just want the silicone couplings with stainless steel pipe for the reliability factor.

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