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    So I have a 2000 Polaris Virage TX that needed a CDI. After about a month of searching / waiting I finally got one which wasn't easy considering they are discontinued. I got home today installed it and the ski fired right up. I checked the timing and ran down to the lake to go test drive it. It idled out fine and then when i went to full throttle it was bogging and only topped out at 50 instead of 62. I went to slow down and it started running really rough. the overheat warning flashed for a second and then went away. I pulled over at a dock and with it idling I pulled the spark plug wires one by one and found the numer 2 cylinder was dead. I pulled the plug and it is getting spark, i put my finger over the spark plug hole and I have compression. there is a slight smell of fuel from that cylinder when the plug is out but not nearly as strong when compared to the other cylinders. I pulled the air filter and sprayed it with carb cleaner and after a little bit it seemed to rebound but then would randomly cut out again i would then spray it some more and it would come back for a minute or so but then cut out. It seems to me that i am getting little or no fuel to that one cylinder. Has anyone encountered this before or know of common problems? I know that most likely i am going to have to pull the carb and rebuild it along with cleaning or replacing the fuel line. also what is the likely hood that i have damaged the cylinder or crank if little or no fuel/oil has been cycling through it? I ran it for a total of probably 3-4 minutes above idle speed and 6 or 7 at idle.

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    Clogged screen on that a compression check and clean the carbs

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