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    Help! What is missing here (pics inside) 2000 RX


    I am not too familiar with Seadoos, but my buddy has a 2000 rx ME that recently started cavitation really bad. We took a look in the jet pump and saw black (what we thought at the time) rubber hanging down that looked all cut up. It was rode since then, and we just today took the jet pump apart. Whatever that piece was is now gone. It looks as though something is missing here, but I am not sure what. There is also a whole lot of clearance between the impeller and the wear ring. On my gp1300r that is a bad thing so I assume that is the same here. Also the prop is not in good shape. Outside of impeller rework, what do we need to do to fix whatever is missing? When the jet pump is on, we noticed a good half inch gap between the wear ring and the fiberglass of the ski..not sure if that is normal.

    Also, this thing is a lot easier to work on than my yamaha!

    Any help would be great!

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    If i knew,...I wouldn't ask sea-one's Avatar
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    yea! the wear ring is gone and ya need to grt that prop reworked

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    Regarding the wear ring...Like actually missing, or just worn out? Where is a good place to order one?

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    The black rubber you are talking about is the big rubber o-ring seal that goes around the pump into the pump shoe.

    #50 in parts diagram, part # 293200051, $8.19

    You need to replace the wear ring and replace that impeller.

    Better check the pump itself that it rotates freely without sounding like ball bearings rattling around.........

    online store or try both places have oem diagrams, part numbers, and pricing.

    By running the ski without this seal, you allowed the whole pump to rattle around, tearing up the wear ring and impeller, and probably the pump your looking at big $$$$ to fix a simple problem........

    Have fun

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    Quote Originally Posted by K-Dubb View Post
    Regarding the wear ring...Like actually missing, or just worn out? Where is a good place to order one?
    The wear ring on an RX is usually a fiberglass shell with a black hard plastic liner. The black stuff you saw hanging down is the remnants of the black shell of the wear ring that has been shredded.

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    Thank you everyone. We are ordering parts now. I am having problem finding the impeller removal tool though. Most of them seem to be for rxps..

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    Yeah half if the wear ring is still in there. That white ring has to come out or your not going to fit the new wear ring in there. Make sure you take the 4 screws out that holds it in too. 2 of them are under the siphon tubes so you have to slide the tubes off to get to them

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    I think i might have a brand new impeller tool for that.. if you can confirm that the Impeller tool wr011 is the tool then i got it. and will hook yah up.. its just laying around new..

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    Actually I think it is wr001. Thank you though.

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