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    Jet Ski Drag in P.R. Automeca #3
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    Jet Ski Drag in P.R. Automeca #3
    Que buenos..Nos vemos en el HydroDrag 2011 en la Florida ..Yo creo que ya Los Kawasaki pueden participar tambien!

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    Cool vids. Kawi launches nice and stayed hooked in the chop but it appears he jumps the start on both the rolling start races against the rxt. None the less looks like it pulls hard out of the hole.

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    The 300x have good holeshoot

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    I drag raced a 300x on my 250x last weekend. Lost both times. 300x would get about 3 ski lengths in front on takeoff but then we were pretty evenly matched thereafter i.e. still 3-4 ski lengths after 400 metres.

    I was expecting to lose by more to be honest - maybe a reflection of Waz's recent repair jobs?!

    P.S. both skis were stock except mine has a pump wedge and ride plate mod.

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