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    Just sold my 04 rxp! Now what do i buy to replace it with??

    Hey guys so i just sold my rxp for 6300 with trailer, i was wanting to go newer, but i just saw the 2012 seadoo rxr-x 260. WHOA!!! lemme know what yall think? should i purchase that when its ready to be sold or go with a 2010 or 2011 rxtx??? any help would be great!!

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    Go with the 2012 and be done with it.

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    yea go with the 2012.selling my 04 and keeping my 2011 rxpx with 5 years waranty and going to buy a 2012 rxpx when they offer 5 years waranty which should be from may to june.thanx

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    malvins old terminator rxp is coming up for sale

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