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    Exclamation very important question

    i have the new seadoo rxtx rs and my friend has the kawasaki ultra 260 and we have been arguing about with one is faster and we are gonna race soon but before we do i need to know witch one is gonna win so can someone please help me with this question becuse its so far the only ski i havent race yet

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    You have not provided enough information to answer with accuracy!

    Do you have over 10 hours and fully broken it? If not, your rpms will be severely limited until then.
    Do you have a 4" air setup? If not, you are severely choked down.
    Are you running a stock impeller? If so, again limited in hole shot, acceleration, and top speed?

    Pure stock you should be seeing 71-72 mph, with mods like mine below you should be 74-76 mph.

    ECU re-flash, valve train upgrade, RRFPR, Solas 15/22r there are several guys running 81-83mph............

    What does the Ultra have on it?

    My dad used to say, "Be careful not to overload your battleship mouth over your canoe ass".

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    Stock vs stock in smooth water you should be able to take him. All bets are off if you are riding in rough water, rider skill plays a big part in rough water racing.

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    Should not have a problem. I could outrun my buddy's 260 with my stock 08' RXT- X. Even in 1-2 ft. chop

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    i have 05 rxp 215 with solas impeller . i raced with ultra 260 and i won easily

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    I ran an Ultra a few weeks back and beat it off the line and top end. We were side by side and his hit 66 (on my speedo) then I left him behind..
    Fully stock with around 18 hours...
    We had a few races just to make sure it wasn't a fluke, and I did it over and over again...
    Have to find a 300

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