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    95 sl650 cracked piston

    This will be my first post to I've been reading on here the past few days and I've really learned alot. Anyway, I just picked up a 95 sl650 for 150 with a cracked piston. I guess this is fairly common on these aging machines. Anyway im looking to replace that piston but I've never dome one before on a jetski. I've built plenty of motors so Im not a noob at turning wrenches. But, i was looking to possibly just replace the one piston. Maybe even get a new cylinder with it. Im going to upgrade the fuel pump and rebuild the carbs and hopefully have it out before the summer ends. I just want someones opinion on just replacing that one piston and rebuild over the winter? Thanks

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    Cracked piston? better check crank index.

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    Actually cracked pistons are not common. Normally that's signs of hydro lock.

    Definately check the crank index before you go any further. If the crank is out, it will need to be replaced/rebuilt/reindexed. Otherwise you're going to be damaging pistons on a regular basis.

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    Well, the piston has a small pit starting indicating it was running lean. You can see in the picture. I ended up taking all three cylinder heads off just to see how they look. The other too look good so I don't think it sucked water. Let me know what you guys think. Also is the cylinder head/cap (what ever its called) still good? Looks like there was a few pieces of piston in there while the ski was still running.

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