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    Lightbulb Last resort fix for oil in cylinders (2 stroke)

    This may or may not work for you. I would only attempt this if you have nothing to loose.

    After some reading, I've found that this happens to someone every year. You pull your ski out of mothballs, try to start it, and it won't even crank. Pull the plugs and they are covered in oil. Yep, a $20.00 seal set has cost you a $400.00 crank. Sometimes people luck out, put a rag over the plug holes, spin until all the oil is out, re-install plugs and everything is fine again. Others get one or two revolutions and hydro-lock all over again. If your lucky, nothing gets bent in the process.
    My situation was the later of the two. I bought a 96 717 sportster that had been sitting for 3 years. The engine was a bargaining chip because the oil problem was new, and a random mpem shutdown issue was the reason it was originally parked. With good compression, I decided it was worth the risk, we came to an agreeable price and made the deal.
    I wanted to at least hear the thing run, maybe even make a couple laps out front, but how? I had planned on a replacement engine anyway, so if I broke something else, ohh well. It was time to experiment. My theory was if I could get the oil out, maybe crankcase pressure from the engine running, would help the old seal, reseal.
    I clamped off the rotary valve oil supply line, left the plugs out, and covered the holes. That allowed me to spin all the oil out of the engine. I then sprayed the cylinders down with penetrating oil to dilute the remaining oil and allow it to be exhausted. I set a big bucket under the exhaust, if it worked, I knew it was going to be chocolate milk time.
    Re-installed the plugs, pulled the choke, hit the starter, and success. Hooked up the flush system and started it again, then I tried to slowly open the clamp and allow the oil to refill in the case. No good, the engine started to bog. Again, engine replacement in mind, I decided to let it idle for 5 minutes, and try again. This time it worked! Exhaust cleared up, no more raw oil or smoke, sounded normal. To be safe, I let the boat fast idle on the hose for another 10 minutes. I kept myself busy by babysitting the pump with soapy water. I reclamped the line to be safe a couple seconds before shutdown.
    After a good wash to clean up any oil on the hull around the exhaust, I put the boat in the river for the first time. It started instantly, I unclamped the line and carefully watched the exhaust, no oil, no abnormal smoke. Slowly took off and had my brother continue to monitor the exhaust. Nothing abnormal. I rode around for about 6 minutes before the mpem introduced itself. That of course is unrelated. Then end result? The boat is still making laps two weeks later while I'm troubleshooting the random mpem. Now I can play with the boat while waiting on the engine.
    This is something to try at your own risk. This could in theory ruin the engine, but if you have nothing to loose, it may be worth a try to you. I will be installing a ball valve on the supply line, my hope is that it will prevent oil from draining into the engine after winterizaton.

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    Great rundown, thanks for the story! This may be something useful for the future.

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