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    starter sticking on! :(

    can anybody help?! THIS IS DRIVING ME CRAZY, the starter is sticking on when i press the green button on my gpr, ive tested the solenoid and it works fine, ive charged the battery right up and it didnt help, i simply press the button and it just continues to crank over, the motor will start up and the starter still contiues, press the kill button, engine dies and the starter is still going! AHHHH! the only way to stop it is to disconect the brown wire going to the solenoid, anybody have any ideas why the computer would keep sending out power to the solenoid, the green button isnt sticking in or anything obvious...

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    OK need a little more info is this a 1300r or a 1200R
    If your sure the start stop is OK the only thing i can think of would be the main power relay switch and it only comes on the 1300R. not the 1200R. and the only way it can keep putting power to the solenoid is if it were melted on the inside. and the ski wouldn't run if it were bad but then again anything is possible.

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    Replace the solenoid switch!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    turns out its the cdi at fault the advent cdi im running to use my triples is the issue, if i plug the stock cdi back in it cranks fine.

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