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    Question 1100 tripple questions

    I have two questions here any help would be great.

    1st I have a 96 waveventure 1100 and acouple weeks ago we tried to water ski with it. With two people on the ski that weight around 350lbs total the ski would pull up a water skier of about 130lbs or so perfectly fine. But with two people on the ski weighing no more then say 250lbs it would not pull up a skier of about 220lbs. Is there anything i can do to get more hole shot out of the ski to get that 220lbs ridder out of the water? Its really bugging me that my friends can water ski with my ski but i can not lol... Btw ski runs great so its not a bad running condition. is this just normal with this ski or are there upgrades or something i can do to get me out of the water... oh btw two skis not one. and also would wake boarding be easier to get out of the water on this ski with my weight???

    2nd I have a 95 waveraider 1100 and just acouple weeks ago i took it out and it ran good for about 3 hours and then all of a sudden while going about 40mph and on the throttle full it would start to spit and sputter. It then shut off and would not start back up. Took it home removed the fuel filter which looked fine and removed the plugs which looked fine and checked the compression and battery is good and then it started right up. So ran it for acouple mins on the hose and all seemed well. Took it back out yesterday and about after 45 mins of hard ridding with no issues the problem came up again... under full throttle it would sputter almost like it was jumping out of the water but it was not but thats what it felt like... it didnt stall out was able to keep ridding under light throttle back to the dock with no issues and pulled her out.. got any ideas? i am very handy but when it comes to carbs its over my head so i am trying not to drip into them if i dont have to... any ideas to try would be great.


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    sounds electical they are bad to get bad connections on the coils three of them check the grounds in box and the plug ups white wires with red strips numbered 1 2 3 check spark on all 3 plugs when this proublem comes up .clean start stop plugs black 2 pin and clear 2 pin look for green inside plugs. the hot is the brown and red wires

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    As far as your skiing issue, the short answer is ..... loose weight Bud LOL!!! Sorry dude, you opened yourself up to that one.

    Seriously, what you probably need is an impeller that is designed to move a lot of water. Having this type of impeller is like having a lower gear in a car transmission. It is going to pull a lot harder and have a much better hole shot, but not have as much top speed as a high gear.

    Skat-trak ( would be my first choice. You can look on their charts on their web sight, or give them a call and give them your application. Once they give you their take on what impeller you should use, then go to the classified section and find out if anyone has one for sale. Also check your wear ring clearences to make sure they are still in spec.

    A "stock" impeller is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of situations that people will put their craft through. What you are looking for is an impeller that puts an premium on towing.

    ....... and with that big behind of yours, you are going to need all the help you can get !!!!! LOL

    Pray for me dude, I just can't help myself.

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