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Thread: Towing a virage

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    Towing a virage

    I have an '02 virage and can anybody tell me if I have to pinch off an inlet water feed hose to tow it like I did on my old yamaha gp?

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    Yes, you should clamp it off to prevent water from being forced into a cylinder.

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    This is a great question that I too was wondering. I asked my polaris mechanic about this and he said that they DO NOT need any hose clamped off when towing, even above 20mph. I own an 01 carbed virage and he said that the whole clamping while towing is SEA DOO specific. SEA DOO comes with a red tape line around the inlet hose from the factory with specific in manual insturctions on where to clamp, not needed with polaris (virages)

    Im not sure if it is just my particular ski, but polaris includes no info in the manual about having to clamp off any hose while towing. IMO, that would be vital info that should be included, if needed.....and it's not.

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    I agree completely. Have u towed with no clamps, or have u just been told u don't have to an haven't tried it yet?

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    this past weekend, i had the drive shaft seal go out on me. the ski basically sank, but the bilge pump saved me for the most part.....i had it towed for about a mile and a half around 25mph just so it wouldnt sink and the pump could keep up so we could trailer it.

    to make a long story short, i didnt clamp off anything durring the tow. i drained the water in the hull and it fired right up! i water tested it on the trailer, found the leak and shut her off. ran it dry about an hour later and still functioned like it should.

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    My friends have towed theirs without clamping the hose with no issues. However the smart and safe thing to do would be to clamp it. To me it would be kind of stupid to risk wrecking an engine over something so simple.

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