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    After running on flush line plugs wet NO RESTART

    Bought A 96 XP fairly cheap. Had the grey Tempo fuel lines and pluged internal carb filters. Cleaned the carbs(not rebuilt) and replaced all the lines, new battery and plugs and cleaned up some of the wiring. Now before I did that i took it for a test run at the local river. Started great on the trailer but wouldnt start in the water?? Pull it out of the water and it would fire up after a semi long crank. So after reading about the fuel issues I went ahead and replaced the lines and cleand all 3 filters. So last night was the first time I have had to test it on the trailer with the flush line. So I hooked everything up cranked the seadoo until she fired. Took awhile but I had to prime the lines, she fired up and ran great, I slid over and turned the water on and she idled great . So I shut the water off and then shut down the Doo. Tried to restart and I hope my battery was alittle weak from priming the carbs but she wouldn't fire? I pulled the plugs and they looked alittle fouled and almost seemed wet? So tonight Im going to recharge the battery and crank her over with the plugs out to see if any water comes out but where could this water be coming from. Cracked head, bad muffler gaskets? I ran a compression check and got 145 and 150psi ... Please help I dont know what to do next.

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    Had this same problem. Weak battery. Changed to a fresh battery and ran great.

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    Battery is brand new but got alittle run down from priming the carb. What would explain the water on the plugs?

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    Oh water on the plugs. By wet I thought you meant gas. My bad. Check for cracked exhaust manifold.

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    So I should remove the exhaust manifold? Where do the typically crack?

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    Hard to start in the water (exhaust covered up) is a classic sign of leaking needles and seats. Secondary possibility is scored or excessive rotary valve clearance.

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    I gotcha, what about the water on the plugs? Think it could be some left over in the block or 2 different problems?

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