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    New guy looking for some tips on tracking down No spark problem

    Hello to all. New to the site and proud owner of a 97 seadoo gsx non-limited. As the title states I can't seem to get spark. I used a volt meter and am getting voltage up to the starter solenoid .. i think thats what it is (below coil bolted to plastic) but not out of it which i believe supplys the coil.. So its cranking but there's no spark. Is it the solenoid or can it be another source? Also found that my VTS was rigged and deactivated... I traced the wires up to the MPEM but found that one pin was loose and the other 2 were cut (green white and i believe purpleand?. I believe it was the blue white wire on the 2 connector that was loose and corroded off the contact pin. Should i go ahead and buy a new MPEM and harness or can i somehow re pin the blue-white contact. Also the battery indicator is continously on...maybe the bluewhite wire? I need HElp bad.. Please.

    Also If anyone has any of these parts and would like to help please shoot me a pm.

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    I'm just a noob in desperate need of advice

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