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    Polaris SLT 750 not running full speed

    I have a Polaris jet ski, eh lets say 1995-2000.. Anyways we just got it back from a friends house, it was there to be worked on but he's always over sea's and never got a chance to fix it. So I took it into my hands and worked on it for 2 days straight. Finally getting it started. I took it one of our lakes and ran it out in the water a bit. Before the trip I had to get a new battery.. Anyways I got it out there and it ran but kept dying and for the time it ran It hauled ass. So After the trip I took it home and fixed the problem with it dying(Gas line was corroded). Brought it out to yet another lake and it ran fine. But it doesnt get up and go. It takes 2-3 minutes to get it up to 15-20 mph and it doesnt go any higher then 23 mph. Yet on the previous trip it went 35-40 mph. Ran sea foam through it, cleaned the carburetor, and brought it again and it did the same..

    Any Ideas?? Could it be just needing propeller grease, or something like carburetor being rebuilt??

    Thanks for any help or and links to where I can get help...

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