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    Newbie looking at 2006 F15

    I am a newbie to the watercraft world, and forums too, but had a great time last weekend with the family, who already have skis, and am looking get two of my own.

    I am planning on taking a two and half hour drive this weekend to look at two 2006 STX-15 for what I believe to be a good price. The supposedly have less than 100 hrs on them.

    Any suggestions what to look for? Anything on this model to be aware of that may tell a story?

    I have done a lot of reading on the forums and most posts appear to be positive about this model. Also, it looks like this is place that will give the best advice.

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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    I would check for cleanliness first, then check the oil and dipstick for any signs of rust. I don't like skis that have been modified so that is a turn off for me. Check the impeller for excess noise when running on the trailer, salt water or fresh water area? The hours seem fine but ask how long they have sat lately without running. Find out why they are selling them and see if you think it is a good reason. These are pretty easy to tell if something is wrong with them, go for a test ride and see what it does. You should be impressed with the speed as well as the quickness. They are a little old so be careful. Maybe someone else can help with the mechanical aspects such as compression tests.

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    I agree with the previous poster... See if you can see how well it was taken care of (dealer records, etc...). I have a 2006 with 417 hours that runs perfectly. It was taken care of pretty well and always serviced at the dealer.... In talking to the dealer, he has seen them come in with many more hours than that... As long as they're not run in salt water (or flushed really well if they were), these ski's can last a long time. Good luck!

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