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    Towing a 2009 F15X?

    Hey Honda riders, a friend has a new 2009 F15X and wants to know if and how to tow his ski behind his boat. Can it be done and how should he do it as to not wreck his machine?


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    Don't tow any jetski behind a boat or anything more than about 8KMH otherwise the water flowing through the pump will enter the cooling system and eventfully fill the exhaust and the engine.
    Not good at all.
    You need to fit a cut off tap in the water inlet side to stop this flow.
    The other bad news is if you do not turn it back on when you go to use it will over heat your engine as well.

    If you fit a tap put the lanyard around it so you will not forget to turn it back on.

    Regards Xdrian

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