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    Cylinder Temp?? Running Hot??

    After a very long two weeks my 93 sl750 is finally up and running strong. After the first heat cycle to break in my brand new engine, I pulled the seat to check the plugs and cylinder temp. The plugs all look great(running 32:1 with the needle setting 1/4 turn out from factory). While pulling the plugs the cylinders felt a little warm to the touch and using an infrared thermometer the temp read around 175 on all three cylinder heads. Is that too hot or does it sound right. Is there any way I can check the water temp because I dont have any kind of water temp gauge that i can hook up to it to see if it is running warm or not and I dont want to blow my brand new engine. I at least want to get a month of riding in. Thanks for your help.

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    Check the thermostat and popoff valve. make sure they are operating properly.

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