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    Natural pull to the right

    My GPR has always has a "rest to the right" type resistance to the steering. Is this pretty common? I figured the only way to really dig into this is pull the cable out and reroute possibly. When sitting on the trailer, the bars are turned half way right.

    Any suggestions?

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    If someone added a 2 inch spacer to the pump and didn't lengthen the cable the steering the handle bars would be turned to the left.
    if someone removed a 2 inch spacer from the pump the handle bars would be turned to the right.
    if someone replaced the stock cable on a 1200R with a 05 and up 1300R the handle bars would be turned to the right.

    Try checking the cable seals to make sure the locks are in properly if you cant adjust it out you need to make sure someone hasn't installed the wrong cable. let us know what you have done to the pump.
    Hope this helps.

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