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    i think too much oil is coming out

    i just bought a 1996 yamaha waveraider 760. i connected the garden hose and ran it for 5 min or so, definitely a good amount of smoke coming out of the rear, but im thinking 2-stroke, so its gonna smoke, right? then, if i put my hand next to the jet pump exhaust on the left side, it comes out all oily. the right side is relatively clean. also, when the water was running out of the bottom, i noticed i left a patch of black oil about 10 x 10 inches on my lawn.

    any suggestions guys?

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    Welcome to the forum.

    The newer model wave runners have variable oil injection in them to minimize the amount of smoke created. At idle, they run about 50:1, and at wot the run about 32:1. You cannot tell that there is lots of smoke because the boats move so fast.

    Your model runs like it is at wot all the time. In other words, your raider runs at about 32:1 weather it is idleing or not.

    Two things to consider. First, many performance oils such as Klotz and Amzoil are fully synthetic. They burn much cleaner with considerably less smoke than the semi synthetic oils (like Yamalube). Second, if you went premix, you can run 40:1 all of the time and get the same, if not better protection than with other oils if you went to the fully synthetics.

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    ok, thank you salty. i just got a little nervous because it seemed to be too much oil. i wasnt sure if i had an oil leak or sonething back there. but then i afterwards, "there's nothing with oil back there anyway."

    again, thank you very much.

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    the older yami's smoke like freight trains, nothing to worry about

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