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    Recommendation for first Yamaha

    Hope this is the right area for the post... if not hopefully the mods will re-home it.

    Pretty set on getting a 4-stroke Yamaha pwc, just not sure which would be the right one for the family. Needs to seat 3, and be able to pull a tube or young skier from time to time.

    I'm thinking it best to get a pre-owned ski so I can spend a bit less.

    I'd love to hear any recommendations on year/model that might fit the bill.

    Thanks a bunch!

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    Best Choice: FX HO 04-08 models can be found from $4500 to $8000. They all run the same MR1 engine, but Yamaha made some minor upgrades through the years, so the later models will have a few changes. The FX HO is a good family ski: very stable, good towing platform, good fuel economy on 87 octane, good in rough water, relatively dry ride, very reliable. They will run around 58 mph. For a family ski look for one with a reboarding step (much easier to get on from the water).

    The 09 and later FX HOs are also excellent skis and have the newer 1800 cc engines. They are a little faster, have a cruise control feature that is nice for wakeboarders/skiers, but will cost you more, and will not have as good of fuel economy.

    2nd Choice: FX 04-08. This ski runs around 53 mph is the same basic hull as the FX HO, so it is stable, will tow, etc. Good fuel economy. Will be $1000+ cheaper than the FX HO.

    3rd Choice: The VX is also a consideration. It is the most fuel efficient 4 stroke on the market. Runs around 53 mph, but has a more bouncy and wetter ride than the FX models. Not a bad choice for a first family ski, and about the same price as a FX. (I'd only look at the Deluxe and Cruiser models).

    The SHO models (08 and later) add a supercharger to the same engine in the later FX HO models. They go faster, but drink lots more fuel, so there is no real advantage for the SHO as a family ski, so I don't recommend them.

    The FZR/FZS and Yamaha's newest ski the VXR/VXS are faster, more sporty skis, and would not be my first pick for a family ride.

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    i agree with ErnestT except for the VXR/VXS statement the VXR is a bare bones three seater with a boarding step that will go only as fast as you pull the trottle, has the power to pull your whole family on a tube or what ever you want and still be alot of action if you get to go out on your own to play with the guys, i have a VXS therefore no boarding step and its a great machine !!!!

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    I have a 2009 FZS and I ride with my family and I think it is a great ski. The best thing about this ski is that it does everything very well. I ride in all conditions and types of water and it has not let me down. The best part about this ski is you wont get sick of it because you have out grown it.

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